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Welcome to the Well Regulated Militia (WRM) home page. This WEBsite details the mission of the public, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, who we are, and how to contact us. We have a representative list of Related Sites, each dealing with a specific right or narrow collection of rights. WRM, on the other hand, works to promote all rights embodied in the U.S. Constitution proper and its amendments, as well as those unalienable rights" denoted in the U.S. Declaration of Independence. Unlike the specific, enumerated powers delegated to the government by the Constitution, our rights are much more vast, if not well-defined.

Feel free to explore our site and the links on the site to get a better idea of what we do to educate about your rights.

Please visit us and like us on Facebook., where topical discussions are held. The Facebook page is the dynamic place where issues are debated and thoughtful conversation takes place. This website is meant to be a more static presentation of the organization.

WRM takes annual and life memberships to help educating people about liberty and freedom, by pointing out and and all abridgements to our rights. We welcome you to join and help us in the continuing fight against tyranny of all forms and degrees.

WRM accepts donations in the form of PayPal, cash/checks, stock, and tangible items. However, you should contact us before donating anything other than cash, checks, or through PayPal. All donations will be directed to support this mission. Administrative costs are very low, and all the workers at WRM are volunteers. As a small organization, each contribution goes a long way to support the group.

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